Haunted houses and paranormal activity thrill amateur ghost hunters

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EyesIt was Halloween night 2001, and Stephen Slapinsky was tagging along with some friends ghost hunting in a cemetery.

As the Bethlehem resident roamed the hallowed grounds, the sound of a little girl giggling startled him.

He shined his flashlight in all directions to find the source of the laughter only to find several children’s tombstones surrounding him.

The stunning incident helped inspire him to create the Lehigh Valley Organization of Supernatural Studies.

“I was always open to the idea of spirits existing but I wanted to find out for myself,” Slapinsky said. “I heard the little girl giggle and it blew my mind.”

There are a growing number of paranormal research groups with at least 11 based in the Lehigh Valley, according to paranormalsocieties.com, an online directory for those seeking haunting assistance.

Equipped with video cameras, audio recording devices and other high-tech gadgets, people like Jim Willing head into the creepiest locations to gather evidence of the supernatural.

The surge in interest in paranormal research correlates to the popularity of TV shows like Syfy’s successful Ghost Hunters, Willing said. A huge fan of the reality-based show, Willing enlisted the help of his friend Chris LaBarge in 2008.

The duo of professional electricians formed Lights Out Paranormal and they have been investigating claims of paranormal activity ever since.

Haunted hotel rooms, mischievous spirits and voices of the departed are just some of the reasons people call for help from the Lights Out team.

The group will visit a location for several hours an evening and report their findings to their client hoping to explain the unusual occurrences in a way that gives the client some peace of mind.

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Paranormal investigators examine historic buildings in Martin Park

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In the children’s bedroom in the Makens Bemont House, Chris Burgess sat with his Ovilus X, a cell-phone-sized device that paranormal investigators say can pick up voices from spirits that humans cannot hear. On the other side of the room, Margaurite Carter and Donna St. Jean took turns asking questions, hoping that any ghosts in the room would answer on the device.

“Could you tell us your name?” “Can you make a noise or move an object?” “Do you want us to leave?”gargoyle

Every once in a while, the Ovilus would say a word or two in its electronic voice. Some seem to suggest an illness, including “paralysis” and “quarantine.” Others suggested death, like “salvation” and even “priest.” A couple of times words like “get out” and “leave” could be heard.

Burgess, Carter and St. Jean, along with Mike Cahill, are members of CT Skull & Spirit, a group of paranormal investigators. They visited the house, along with two other buildings in Martin Park, on Oct. 11 to see if they could contact the ghosts that are rumored to haunt the area. Another team visited on Oct. 4. Both investigations were opened to the public, but publicity was limited.

Although the East Hartford Historical Society has had paranormal investigators in the home before, these events were the first time the public was invited. It was also the first time CT Skull & Spirit had a public audience. The group did not charge the historical society.

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Paranormal activity featured in La Grange tours

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Amber SigmanStrange things happen in Linda Foster’s 174-year-old home.

She once felt her hand held in the middle of the night despite living alone, and she has smelled an unexplainable odor of ammonia wafting from a closet. The silvering on the antique mirror in her foyer is wearing away in the shape of a person with a covered wagons and horses, she said.

Foster’s home, in which she has lived since 1993, is one of more than 10 stops on the Spirits of La Grange ghost tour, which started 12 years ago after business owners and residents began reporting and comparing notes of “strange occurrences” in their shops and homes.

“We had a very reputable paranormal team come in and investigate, to make sure that these occurrences were real because … we wanted to do authentic ghost tours with nobody making anything up,” Foster said. “That’s exactly what we’ve got now.”

The 12-block walking tour, which continues on Fridays and Saturdays through Oct. 31, take participants inside locations in the historic downtown district with reported paranormal activity.

Foster said the tours are so popular that in past years, they’ve had to turn people away because all the tours were full.

Spirits of La Grange Coordinator Barbara Manley attributes the popularity of the tours to the historical research and paranormal investigations conducted on the locations where paranormal activity has been reported.

“We don’t tell a story unless you can back it up and verify — as much as you can with that sort of thing,” she said.

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Paranormal investigators meet a girl named Emma

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GAINESVILLE – Saturday night at the downtown Gainesville branch of the Hall County Library Ghost Hunt, participants met a little girl named Emma.

The Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research (SIPR), a non-profit organization, defines a ghost as ‘the energy, soul and personality of a person who once lived’ and around 20 people who sat in the dark with SPIR researchers, and one of those researchers, feel that is precisely what they experienced.

Institute founder Denise Roffe said she does not go looking for ghosts, and often SIPR debunks reports of ‘things that go bump in the night,’ but Roffe told the group she once saw the ghost of a woman from the early 1900’s at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta during an investigation, and has experienced the supernatural.

“We try to find a reasonable explanation for whatever might be happening,” Roffe said. “It’s when we can’t debunk it is when we know there is something paranormal happening.”

And that is what keeps the group going, when there is the unexplained, when there is the paranormal, and observers said Emma was definitely unexplained.
After a two hour session which included a review of the different types of haunting, equipment used to record paranormal activity, evidence and psychic studies, participants divided into groups and went into the library’s dark shadows.

As soon as the group arrived in the children’s section on the first floor, one participant heard a small child’s laughter,spirit-394324_1280 then silence, and then SIPR researchers Dona Ueltschi and Doug Smith detected movement in a corner of the room. Later, April McKaig with SIPR led her group into the same area and felt a soft gentle touch on her arm, a child’s touch, and then a tickle.

McKaig, sensitive to unnatural stimuli, said in her mind, like a memory, she envisioned a little girl with blonde curly hair, about five or six years old, dressed in a 1950’s era play dress. Another woman in McKaig’s group felt her hair touched, another felt her hair playfully tugged.

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Do Home Sellers Need To Disclose Paranormal Activity?

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Haunted HouseWell, it’s October already and Halloween decorations are already starting to surface. Haunted houses are fun to visit but most people wouldn’t want to live in one, right? So that raises a “spooky” legal question. Do real estate brokers or sellers have a legal duty to inform purchasers if houses are truly haunted — i.e, have been the site of a murder, suicide or paranormal activity?

“Haunted” properties fall within the category of stigmatized properties, or real estate that is not defective in any physical manner, but due to psychological or emotional factors may have a reduced value. Among the situations covered under the title of stigmatized is a property that was the site of a murder, suicide, alleged haunting, or other parapsychological phenomenon. About half of U.S. states have laws that deal with stigmatized properties, but most don’t require sellers to disclose if they believe they have a ghost. For example, under Massachusetts law, real estate brokers and sellers are under no legal obligation to disclose that a property was the site of a felony, suicide or homicide, or has been the site of an alleged “parapsychological or supernatural phenomenon.”

Despite any law not requiring disclosure however, disclosing that a house has a haunted history may be the most prudent course of action. It’s surely something many buyers would like to know beforehand. If a seller doesn’t disclose, and the buyers find out about the property’s history prior to the closing, there’s a chance they would try to get out of the deal. There is a well-publicized case out of New York in the 1990s where a court allowed a buyer to terminate a real estate deal due to the failure to disclose “haunted” activity.

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Paranormal expert ‘open minded’ as to whether ghosts exist

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IN his quest to learn the truth about whether ghosts exist, Dr Ciarán O’Keeffe has carried out more than 1,500 investigations during the past 25 years.

So, what’s his conclusion?

“I’m completely open minded to the possibility,” he says. “I’m not dismissing it, or believing it.”

Dr O’Keeffe says there is plenty of evidence – but none that is conclusive.Creepy house

 “Out of all the investigations I’ve done, I would say I’ve had maybe 100-150 experiences of what other people would say are paranormal.

“The problem is, as a parapsychologist, I know about the psychology side and all the alternative explanations that make you feel as if you’ve had a paranormal experience.

“I’ve seen hundreds of photos and videos and some are really convincing. But how do I know they’ve not been manipulated?”

Next Saturday, Dr O’Keeffe will talk about his 25-year career in front of an audience at Quad. The session forms part of the arts centre’s supernatural season.

Those who attend won’t get answers to questions such as “is there life after death?” but they will get a fascinating insight into Dr O’Keeffe’s paranormal-exploring career, which has spanned laboratories, churches and television sets.

In 2004, he was one of two scientists who tested the powers of mediums who claimed to receive messages from beyond the grave.

By implementing controlled experimental conditions, Dr O’Keeffe and fellow psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman, of the University of Hertfordshire, were able to ensure the five mediums whom they were testing could not cheat or use psychological tricks.
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The Chain of Souls Kickstarter Campaign Launches Today!

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Today, October 1st, 2014, starts our month long campaign with Kickstarter to raise funds in order to produce a movie based on Jack Heath’s #1 bestselling books Salem VI: Rebecca’s Rising and Salem VI: Chain of Souls! That’s right! The film rights have been obtained to start creating the first of a trilogy of movies called Chain of Souls!

We need your help to get the CHAIN OF SOULS movie to the big screen! Based on the bestselling paranormal book trilogy “Salem VI”.

Help make the CHAIN OF SOULS movie series a reality!  Be a part of  making a paranormal/horror/thriller film trilogy a reality! The first movie of the trilogy is on its way to the silver screen, but we’re not quite there yet. The film rights have been acquired, the screenplay has been written, distributors are interested. We need to help raise money to get it into production faster and to help promote what will be a new classic that will be talked about every Halloween for years to come! You can help make this happen! Michael Myers has nothing on the wrath of The Coven of witches that have been wreaking havoc on Salem, MA for centuries. Based on the #1 bestselling books Salem VI: Rebecca’s Rising and Salem VI: Chain of Souls the release of the first movie CHAIN OF SOULS  won’t disappoint. Blood curdling in all the right places and our main character John Andrews staggers just enough after too much scotch to keep it interesting, but still has the wherewithal to find the clues to uncover his past.

Jack Heath Heritage

What We’re Doing

Simply put, we’re raising money to market a feature film entitled CHAIN OF SOULS it is the first film in a trilogy, based on the Amazon #1 bestselling books Salem VI: Rebecca’s Rising and Chain of Souls. The cool thing about this modern day take on the Salem witch trials is that the author, Jack Heath is an actual descendant of Rebecca Nurse an accused witch hung at The Gallows AND he’s also got the accusers bloodline coursing through his veins, from the Putnam side of his family. The books have been so successful, that Wonderland Pictures, Inc. acquired the film rights within a year of the release of the first book. Now we need the cash to tell the world about this incredible story on the silver screen. The film has an anticipated Halloween 2015 release date only if we can reach our campaign goal here on Kickstarter.

synopsis with background image

Why We’re Doing It

The books have already been a proven success. The story is like no other Salem witch trials story…ever. The reviews speak for themselves and it would be a shame not take this film project all the way simply because we have fallen short on the remaining portion of the film’s development budget. As part of our financial commitments we have to be able to show that we have the resources to market the film pre and post-production properly, and we need to be able to guarantee the proper promotion to close the deals with some of the A-List actors. This is why we need your help.

paranormal witch stats

What We Need

At this time we are asking for $150,000 for the first film in the trilogy CHAIN OF SOULS and we are trying our best to find this money wherever we can. We understand that without the support of people like you to get the project off the ground we wouldn’t be able to succeed. Any funds raised in excess of our initial goal will be directly allocated to the marketing and promotion of the film and we’ve got some cool things planned to promote this paranormal thriller and we want to take our backers with us! Help us tell the story of the true Salem witches.

We have confirmed:

  • Two #1 Amazon bestselling books in the Salem VI trilogy
  • Film contract with Wonderland Pictures, Inc.
  • Completed screenplay
  • International theater distribution letter of interest
  • Paranormal research on witches that rock!
  • A sample musical score written by a fan (and professional musician) who read the book and loved it! (Andrew Andron)
  • A storyline with a proven success
  • Book series inspired the launch of Paranormal Galaxy Magazine and radio program


We Need Your Help With:

  • Funding for development, marketing and promotion
  • Marketing resources to support local Salem, MA production and surrounding production in New England
  • Closing the deal with A-List actors
  • We have an established relationship with the city of Salem’s Office of Tourism & Cultural Affairs, as we’ve been working with them for two years on the book promotions, but we all know that going on location in the witch tourism capital of the world takes some doing. Again, we need the funds to do the proper promotion to get this film to the next level. We need to raise this money by midnight on Halloween to ensure the film goes into production, on time and for a 2015 Halloween release.

Please help Chain of Souls get off the ground! We want to attract great actors to this film, grant the multitude of Salem VI fans the wish of seeing this film, and make sure this modern day take on Salem, Massachusetts one that will be talked about for a long time. We need to raise this $150,000 by midnight on Halloween to ensure this movie is on track for a 2015 Halloween release. You could get exclusive Salem VI gear with your pledge! You may even get to have your name in the credits!

Thank you all very much in advance for anything you can pledge! No amount is too small!

To find out more details about this campaign, go to

Paranormal investigator coming to the Pelham Public Library

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PELHAM—Get in the Halloween spirit with the Pelham Public Library’s True Hauntings and Mysterious Tales presentation on Oct. 25 as paranormal investigator and author of “Haunted Shelby County,” Kim Johnston, visits the library for a special presentation and book signing.

“I’m really happy to have her here, I think it’s going to be a really interesting program,” Pelham Public Library Adult Services Coordinator David Smith said, noting Johnston’s book is “very popular” among patrons.

Johnston founded Spirit Communications and Research of Alabama, a paranormal investigation group, in 2012 after her own experience with paranormal activity.

Soon after moving to Chelsea in 2008, Johnston discovered her home was haunted. It began with unexplained sounds.

“I tried to brush it off,” Johnston said, but the strange occurrences continued. “I started getting poked in the middle of the night… I heard a small child’s voice saying ‘Mom?’ It really spooked me.”

Those around her were experiencing paranormal activity as well, especially her oldest son.

“He was having a lot of anxiety, he couldn’t sleep at night,” Johnston said. “He was hearing things… all kinds of sounds and voices.”

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Michigan Native Investigates the Paranormal

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Growing up in Pontiac, Michigan, with a cemetery in his backyard and a feeling that his house was haunted, is where Joseph Lawson’s fascination for the paranormal began.
Missouri haunted house
At the age of five, Lawson began to hear abnormal noises in his home. After hiding in the closet trying to catch the monster lurking in the hallways, Lawson’s interest in the paranormal exploded.

Now his job haunts him–literally.

FOX 47’s Jane Sugiyama had the chance to sit down with Joseph Lawson to talk about his love for the paranormal and his adventures.

Jane Sugiyama: When did your love for the paranormal begin?

Joseph Lawson: At the age of five, I started to hear footsteps to the sound of men’s dress shoes going “click, click” in the hallway. At that time my dad worked at the shop, so he did not wear dress shoes. I would ask my mom questions, but she would blow me off and say it was my dad. I knew better. That incident is what sparked my interest in the paranormal.

Growing up, my obsession with the paranormal didn’t stop. If anyone had claims of paranormal, I would ask to spend the night at their house or go to the place where activity was reported. But, nothing ever happened, so I was always disappointed.

At the age of seventeen, I finally saw my first full-blown apparition. A friend of mine recommended that we go to an abandoned house. When we were walking around the grounds, I looked up and saw a boy standing in the window. There was no glass in the window so I knew it couldn’t be a reflection. After that, I was even more hooked.

Sugiyama: We have all seen the ghost hunting shows where the experts break out a bunch of complex equipment. What kind of equipment do you use?

 My favorite piece of equipment that I use is called a K2 Meter. Most people don’t know this, but the K2 Meter was created by mistake. Inventors originally created the K2 Meter to detect levels of high tension wires. They soon discovered that people who bought them were getting hits when no high tension wires were present. That is when ghost hunters stepped in and were able to use them to locate anomalous energy. In addition to the K2 Meter, we also use digital recorders, video cameras and still photography.

 Can you sense ghosts and, or spirits without your equipment?

 That is where my wife (Maria Shaw Lawson–National Enquirer Astrologer) steps in. Because she is psychic she has an advantage. At a house in Lansing, the homeowners were reporting paranormal activity. When we arrived, Maria suggested we go to the upstairs room. It didn’t make any sense because it didn’t fit in with the description from the homeowners of where the activity was occurring, but we went along with it. Sure enough, when we got to the upstairs room, the sensors starting going crazy. Maria was able to communicate a message from the spirit of Uncle Bill to the homeowners that the house needed to be rewired to prevent a future fire. Once the homeowners voiced that they would get the house rewired, the sensors quit. Everything went dead. I am the guy with the equipment, Maria is the one who is able to draw out and communicate with the paranormal.

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Paranormal writings pay off

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Wouldn’t it be great to know that something you’re passionate about can be rewarding and appreciated by people around the world?

For Neal Parks, a Chillicothe resident and founder and lead investigator of Parks Paranormal Research and InvestigWritingation, that realization came recently when he received the Spiritual Literary Award at the 2014 Paranormal Awards for his third book, “Haunted Holidays — Tales of Inspiration, Terror and Reflection.”

The book, published by electronic book publisher SynergEbooks, features a series of short stories about paranormal phenomena experienced between Halloween and New Year’s Eve. More than 60,000 copies have sold since its release in August 2013.

“I received a lot of strong feedback,” Parks said of his award-winning book. “Reviews that have been written about it have been stellar.”

Parks, who’s also an information technology instructor at Wellston High School, said he was leading a ghost walk event in Beaufort, North Carolina, on the day of the annual awards ceremony that was put on by CC The Huntress, a paranormal Internet show, but was still able to attend live via Skype to receive his award.

Parks said he couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishment of being named an award-winning author.

“All of my hard work, countless hours, research, travels, public presentations, public speaking events, book signings, book promotions, cold calls, meet and greets, meetings with book dealers, sellers and publishers has paid off indeed,” he said.

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