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    picture of GablesThe Infamous House of Seven Gables

Built in 1668, this house is the oldest surviving 17th century wooden mansion in New England. The House of the Seven Gables inspired author Nathaniel Hawthorne to write his legendary novel of the same name.  This house is stunning and mysterious at the same time.  Famous for Hawthorne’s book and it’s mysterious hidden staircase.  Discover what mysteries, history and secrets lie in this living piece of Salem history.

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Travel back in time and feel what it was like to be in the Puritan settlement of Salem.

Learn more about Salem’s most famous home House of Seven Gables.


How much do you know about the Salem Witch Trials and the story of Salem VI: Rebecca’s Rising?  We will share historic facts and juicy details (both factual and rumored) that you may not know about the fascinating part of history and the infamous town of Salem.  Read on!

Witch cakes are real.  They actually played a part in the witch hunt in Salem in the 1690′s.  Different versions of the story exist but we are certain that a slave of Rev. Parris was asked to make a witch cake to determine who had bewitched the local girls.  Rye meal and the urine of one of the bewitched girls was baked and fed to a dog.  If the dog acted funny, it confirmed that the girls were indeed bewitched.  It was also said that the names of the witches would be revealed once the dog had eaten the witch cake.  No records remain of whether the witch cakes baked by Rev. Parris’ slave revealed bewitching or the names of the witches responsible for the girls’ maladies but we are certain that the baking of the witch cake added to the hysteria in Salem.

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In The News

Photograph by Benjamin C.. Ray, 2001

Thirty-five years before the infamous events of Salem, allegations of witchcraft and a subsequent trial rocked a small colonial village. Read more.

Newspapers may provide stories of your ancestors—and clues to their descendants—even long after they have died. Read more. 

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